Calendar 2018 (40MS)

Calendar 2018 (40MS). Annual calendar to print free.

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Annual calendar to print free

Thank you for choosing the 40MS calendar for 2018 !

  • Annual calendar
  • 365 numbered days
  • Portrait orientation
  • Colors
  • Easy to print
  • A4 or Letter size paper

To print this calendar

  • Check the size of your paper
    • Format A4 (21 x 29.7 cm)
    • Letter Size (8½ "x 11")
  • Click the appropriate Print button below
  • After a few moments, the calendars opens in a new window
  • Start printing directly from your browser
    • By clicking on the printer button...
    • Or by doing File > Print...

Terms of use

This calendar can:

  • be used freely for non-commercial purposes
  • be printed on your personal or professional printer
  • be used or posted at home, at the office, at school, etc.
  • be filled with your notes or drawings

This calendar can not:

  • be sold or distributed
  • be the subject of a commercial transaction
  • be offered for downloading, in whole or in part, on a website, commercial or personal

Examples of use

  • Organization and planning: family, professional, school, sports, social
  • For parents, to register the school, sports or artistic activities of the whole family
  • In the kitchen, to write meals of the month or the week
  • In the office, to plan meetings, organize appointments, schedule deadlines or even plan social activities
  • In schools, colleges or universities, used by both teachers and students
  • In shops, to schedule employees
  • To use as: agenda, schedule, almanac, ephemeris, etc.

Print the calendar free of charge

Print the calendar 2018 (40MS), in Letter size (8½ "x 11").

Format used primarily in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Print the calendar 2018 (40MS), in A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm).

This format is the most common in the world.

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