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Two ways to a calendar: explore my site in search of the calendar that will best accompany you every month and throughout the year. Now there are two ways to do this. Firstly, calendars are grouped by month, starting with the current month and moving on to the next 11 months, not forgetting the annual calendars. This is the quickest way to print your calendar for each month and vary your designs. The second path groups calendars by model. First you choose the design you like, then you see the calendar for an entire year. This is the ideal way to print all 12 months directly.

Two calendar categories: whichever way you choose, you’ll discover my calendars separated into two categories. First, Universal Calendars are practical wherever you are. They come in a wide range of models and designs, sober, colorful or illustrated. Secondly, Holiday Calendars feature public holidays and commemorations for many countries and regions. All calendars feature the week starting either on Monday or Sunday.

Illustration of universal calendars Universal Calendars
Illustration of holiday calendars Holiday Calendars

The first path: month by month...

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My name is Michel Zbinden and my mission is to offer you free calendars on my website.

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