Calendars Michel Zbinden

Calendar illustrations by Michel Zbinden

Printable calendars for everyone

  •   Annual and monthly calendars
  •   Multi-purpose calendars
  •   Calendars with public holidays
  •   Fast, easy printing

  United States edition

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Calendars for everyone: I offer practical, multi-purpose calendars. They come in a wide range of models and designs, sober, colorful or illustrated. National calendars also feature public holidays, festivals and commemorations for many countries and regions. All calendars feature the week starting either on Monday or Sunday.

Free calendars, by month: print a free calendar for each month. The list starts with the current month and displays the next 11 months, ending with annual calendars. It’s the ideal free way to print your calendar every month and vary your designs.

6 or 12-month sets: get your favorite calendar in a single file for 6 or 12 months, for a small fee. Print directly a half-year or a full year.

Random sets of 6 calendars: let us surprise you for the next 6 months with 6 different calendars chosen at random from the categories on offer.

United States edition: calendars are set according to the most popular habits in your country, but you can always make changes to suit your own tastes.