Calendars January 2025

Calendar illustrations by Michel Zbinden

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Calendars for everyone, United States edition: discover my practical and multi-purpose calendars in serious, sober, colorful, illustrated or fun designs, prepared for your region. In the second tab, see a list of all calendars with English holidays.

Print a calendar: click on the image of your favorite calendar and advance to the next page. From there, you can choose free printing for one month. In just a few clicks, you’ll have a print-ready PDF file.

Now available: the calendar of your choice can also be printed for 6 or 12 months (with contribution) in a single file.

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All calendars are available with the week starting on Monday or Sunday
You’ll see holiday calendars in English only, but many other countries and regions are also available in other languages. The public holiday calendars are made in the official languages of the countries, so simply change language at the bottom of the page to find the region you’re looking for. If you have any suggestions for countries or regions in English, please leave me a message.

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