Printable calendars: illustrated

Calendar illustrations by Michel Zbinden Set of 6 calendars: July 2024 - December 2024

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Your 6 calendars have been chosen at random! You can request another selection by clicking on the green button. Check that the week starts with the right day and that it is the right paper format, then click on the “Next step” button.
Printable calenadr no. 771 for July 2024. Week: .
Printable calenadr no. 456 for August 2024. Week: .
Printable calenadr no. 485 for September 2024. Week: .
Printable calenadr no. 504 for October 2024. Week: .
Printable calenadr no. 772 for November 2024. Week: .
Printable calenadr no. 486 for December 2024. Week: .

Illustration of a printer with Letter US paper

United States: US letter (8,5 x 11 po)

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  • Above, check the following points:
    • Calendars with week starting on Monday or Sunday
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      • If necessary, open the parameters and adjust the “Scaling”.
      • Depending on your system, set to “100%” or “Fit to paper size” to position your calendar correctly.


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