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Two collections of printable calendars: first, see my monthly Universal Calendars in all kinds of designs. By choosing one, you’ll have access on the next page to the twelve months of the year. Next, I present my series of annual Universal Calendars, also available in a variety of designs. Finally, in the second tab, access my Holiday Calendars for many countries and regions. If you choose this option, you’ll be able to view the annual calendar and the twelve monthly calendars on a single page.

Print calendars for free: click on the image of your favorite calendar and go to the next page, which will show you the calendar for a full year. From there, you can make your choices for quick and easy printing.

Illustration of universal calendars Illustration of holiday calendars  Calendars for all 2025

All calendars are available with the week starting on Monday or Sunday.
I offer a variety of calendars, but you may not find what you’re looking for here. Don’t hesitate to send me your suggestions for calendar designs by leaving me a message.
You see the holiday calendars in English only, but many other countries and regions are also available in other languages. The holiday calendars are made in the official languages of the countries, so simply change the language at the bottom of the page to find the region you’re looking for. If you have any suggestions for countries or regions to offer in English, please leave me a message.

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My name is Michel Zbinden and my mission is to offer you free calendars on my website.

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